Dr. Takeshi Fukusako

Taj Mahal, Agra India

Name, Address

Takeshi Fukusako, Professor
Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering , Graduate School of Science & Technology, Kumamoto University
E-mail : fukusako_At_cs.kumamoto-u.ac.jp

Academic Background

1992 B. Eng. Kyoto Inst. of Tech.
1994 M. Eng. Kyoto Inst. of Tech.
1997 Ph.D in Eng. Kyoto Inst of Tech.

Professional Carrier

1994 - 1997 Part-time Lecturer, Osaka Inst. of Tech.
1997 - 2003 Research Associate, Kumamoto University
2003 - 2015 Associate Professor, Kumamoto University
2016 - Present Professor, Kumamoto University
Recent Projects
Publications (Click here)
Small antennas
Electrically small antennas with low profile structure using meander or Peano curves.
Broadband antennas
UWB antennas, Circularly polarized broadband antennas.
Reconfigurable antennas
Polarization switchable antennas using diodes or ferrite.

Facilities: HFSS, IE3D, Microstripes, Network analyzers (Agilent 8722ES, Advantest R3767), Anechoic chamber and etc.